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Posted by anna on April 20, 2022

While it is possible to find a pipette aid that is compatible with your own model, it is best to use one that is specifically designed for your pipettes. Although manufacturer-provided tips are generally more accurate and consistent, alternative brands may be acceptable if you can verify that they work with your pipette. Inadequate fit or mismatch can lead to inaccuracy and imprecision. Likewise, a high-quality tip will seal the pipette with minimal force. Besides being made of superior materials, high-quality tips are also free of any molding defects.

Filtered tips are an excellent choice for new members of the lab. Filtered pipette tips are disposable and made of high-quality plastic that prevents liquid from aspirating into the barrel, thereby reducing the risk of contamination. These are also useful for training new members of the lab. Filtered tips have a filter in the back of the tip, which helps prevent contamination. They also tend to perform better in low-risk situations, because they do not contain a barrier between the tip and the liquid.

Pre-wetting your tip is another great way to ensure that your liquid dispenses properly. By pre-wetting the tip with the sample, you can ensure that the sample will enter the pipette at the right angle and fully disperse. Also, aspirating at an angle increases volume by up to 10%. This angle is particularly important if you are taking measurements of small samples. If you follow these tips, you will enjoy the highest-quality results.

Whether you're working in a laboratory or at home, pipettes can prove to be indispensable tools. In the lab, they're a useful tool for testing samples and for carrying out tests. They allow the safe transport of liquid and minimize volume loss from inside the sample. While many people believe that pipettes should be used by technicians, scientists and educators alike agree that a properly functioning pipette should be the same for everyone.

A well-maintained pipette is a vital part of any lab and experimentation. Pipettes help to ensure consistency, accuracy, and reproducibility. For this reason, they are essential tools for any lab. If you are planning to purchase a pipette, be sure to check out the tips that come with it. You'll be glad you did. It's worth spending a few minutes on this and you'll be happy you did.

A high-quality pipette aid tip should come with a lifetime guarantee, so you don't have to worry about replacing it after a couple of uses. There are also other types of pipette aid tips available. However, for best results, choose a high-quality one and get the most out of your experiments. Pipette tips are manufactured by using a pipette tip mold. This mold is made of polypropylene with a high molecular weight, resulting in smooth inner walls and a low wall profile. This mold does not require hanging on the wall. This allows it to be used for a variety of purposes and is highly versatile. The manufacturer can change the length and shape of the tip, and thus can reduce the cost of the finished product. So, what are you waiting for? Get a high-quality pipette and enjoy your laboratory work!

Generally speaking, a pipette-aid has two key components: a nose cone where the pipette attaches, and a filter that protects the tip from the liquid. Another feature is a handle, which has two triggers - one for aspirating, the other for dispensing. A pipette-aid may also have settings pertaining to gravity or forced air.

filter barrier tips

Filter Pipette Tips

The Axygen Filter Barrier tip is a unique aerosol filtration tool that creates a physical barrier to block aerosols. The filter tips are fitted with DNA inhibitors free-polyethylene filters robotically for protection against nuclease contamination. The tips are packaged in sealed bottom racks. The tips are compatible with a variety of reagent containers, including Finnpipette and Eppendorf pipette.

The CAPP ExpellPlus line of filtered pipette tips are produced with the highest standards of cleanroom manufacturing. They are made of biodegradable, high-purity polypropylene and are free of additives and other contaminants. The tips are nonpyrogenic and RNase/DNase free, and are available in sterile, bevelled, and extended sizes. Designed to fit most brands of pipette and reagent containers, the range of ExpellPlus tips includes the popular biodegradable, disposable, and sterile options.

The OneTouch aerosol barrier pipette tip features innovative technology that minimizes pressure and friction during insertion and ejection. It also reduces the risk of repetitive strain injuries. X-Resin technology reduces the amount of binding proteins and DNA samples in the tip, and outperforms competing tips with low-binding treatments. The blade technology eliminates hanging droplet formation and the need to touch off the tip.

Filter barrier tips protect sample volume by preventing aspiration and contamination. Unlike non-filter pipettes, filter tips are a great training wheel for new lab members. When a new member of the lab accidentally aspirates a sample, the resulting liquid can contaminate the pipette. It is more convenient to simply discard the contaminated tip rather than sending the entire pipette in for repair. If you don't want to use filter barrier tips, choose universal pipettes with all the features discussed here.

Cleaver Scientific aerosol barrier pipette tips prevent cross-contamination by trapping aerosol particles during the air displacement process. They are ideal for DNA amplification, forensics, tissue culture, and protocols involving radioactive solutions. Compatible with all major brands of micro-pipettors, filter pipette tips eliminate the need for sample carryover. They're not recommended for food use. If you're using filter tips, be sure to follow manufacturer instructions for safe use and proper care.

When choosing filter tips, precision and accuracy are the first considerations. Build quality is also important, as the differences between tips can lead to inconsistent results. High-quality tips are more expensive, but they have the advantage of improving accuracy and preventing injury. You can also find various other features on your filter barrier tips that may increase accuracy and reduce risk. Then you can choose the tip that's perfect for your needs. If you want the best possible result, make sure you choose a quality tip and choose a filter with the highest levels of precision and accuracy.

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